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Free Crochet Bikini Pattern - Easy Project

Simple crochet bikini pattern - easy to customize for a perfect fit.

Crochet Bikini Top
Crochet Bikini Top

Free Crochet Bikini Top Pattern (see Ideas for  Variations for suggestions for varying and personalize this crochet bikini pattern)


Material - Approximately 50gms 4-ply cotton or the equivalent.

Equipment - us 4/2mm crochet hook, or relevant size for yarn.It is best to do a tension square so you know how many stitches you are forming per inch - however if you really REALLY do not like working out your gauge you may well get away without it in this project as you are making a custom fit and you can adjust the size as you go.

MEASUREMENTS -The top is made to fit you, so the first thing to do is to take a note of an important measurement. If you have a favorite bikini top, then why not use this as a template. Take the measurement from the center of the bottom of the bikini cup to the middle of the breast and make a foundation chain of this length and make two turning chain (to keep the base of the bikini top firm, keep the turning chain tight). To get the ridged texture, work into the loop at the rear side of the work each time.

INSTRUCTIONSRow 1: Work up one side of the foundation chain in Double Crochet (Treble Crochet UK), make 4 Double Crochet into the stitch at the end of the chain, turn the work and work down the other side. In effect your foundation chain is sandwiched between the rows of Double Crochet. Row 2: Make 2 turning chain, turn the work and Double Crochet into the top of each stitch from the previous row, making 4 Double Crochet in between the middle 2 stitches at the center. Repeat row 1 and 2 once.Row 5 onwards, continue as above but work only 2 stitches in between the center two stitches at the top of the bikini top. This shapes the cup.

Continue working until the top reaches the required size. Make a note of how many rows worked and any adjustments you have made and make the second cup the same.Along the bottom of each piece work 4 rows of Single Crochet (Double Crochet UK). Work these rows tight to give a slight gather to the bottom of each cup. To ensure that the stitches are evenly spaced work approximately 2 Single Crochet stitches into each Double Crochet.

Crochet Bikini Top
Crochet Bikini Top

Take a look at the photograph and this shows how the rows are formed.Finish: This is where you can become creative! The basic finish would be to sew the two cups together in the middle and make a cord out of crocheted cotton (in the picture a long length of crochet chain was made and this crocheted chain was then crocheted into a chain thus giving a thicker cord) and attach this to the top of both cups so this can be tied around the back of the neck and repeat for either side of the bikini top so this can be tied around the back. See Crochet Bikini Top Ideas for suggestions for variations.