What a Great Idea!

Wooden Bead Knitted Bracelet

This bracelet is knitted using a cotton yarn and wooden beads. Wooden beads are lightweight making them a great option for knitted jewelry as they will not pull or distort the work. This bracelet contains 100 brightly colored wooden beads, yet it remains light and comfortable to wear.

The bracelet is made from a knitted beaded band, with two knitted ties at either end which tie the bracelet ends together to wear.

Crochet Cotton (no5)
103 wooden beads ranging from 1cm 1.5 cm in size

1 pair 4mm knitting needles
I sewing needle

Before starting thread 99 of the beads onto the cotton.  They can all be threaded in one go to avoid having to break the cotton part of the way through.

Tip:  When the beads have all been threaded, discard the first few inches of the thread as this will have got worn during the beading process.

Cast on 4 stitches.

Working in garter stitch (every row worked in Knit Stitch), drop three beads into place at the start of each row, then knit as normal.  You may need to push the beads down the cotton into place.

Repeat until you have used all the beads or until the bracelet reaches the desired length.

To make the straps.

Continue working over these * 4 stitches in garter stitch until the tie (unbeaded) part is 6 inches long.  Break thread.  Pick up 4 stitches at the other end of the bracelet and repeat from *.

Sew 2 beads onto both ties.

The bracelet is finished.