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Crochet Barefoot Sandal Pattern

Use this crochet pattern to crochet these foot decorations quickly and easily. Great for beach wear, wearing around the house, belly dancing ...

How to Crochet a Pair of Barefoot Sandals. 

Use this simple Crochet Pattern to crochet a pair of barefoot sandals.

Barefoot sandals are little pieces of crochet, which are worn draped around the middle toe and tied around the ankle. It is safe to say that they serve no purpose at all other then decoration but hey, why not have a few more adornments in your life! These bring a little glamor to beach wear, and are so easy to make that a few pairs can be knocked up in no time.

A barefoot sandal is basically just a piece of crocheted chain cord, which has a decoration at the middle of the foot. This decoration can be as subtle or large as you like, depending on your mood of the day! Many decorations can be used Irish Crochet motifs, flowers, beaded crochet patterns etc.  There are lots of free crochet patterns available for crocheting barefoot sandals - this is our own take on it.

The crocheted chain cord itself can be left plain, or beads incorporated into the crochet. A large bead at either end of the cord will keep the ends tidy and neat as well as adding a bit of sparkle to the crochet design. They will also help the cords to hang nicely around the ankle.

Any scraps of yarn will be fine but these work best in crochet cotton, this is also the most practical. A fuzzy mohair might be problematic for someone with ticklish feet!

Instructions to Crochet Barefoot Sandal

1/ Crochet two lengths of chain approximately 1.5 metres in length.

2/ Crochet two flowers or other motifs.

3/ Take one piece of chain, fold it in two and put around the middle toe. Work out on the foot where you would like the central adornment to sit. Slip Stitch the chain together at this point.

4/ Work one row of Double Crochet (UK or single crochet US) around the loop that will go around the toe. Break the yarn off leaving a long end and use this end to stitch the motif into place.

5/ Repeat for the other foot.

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