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Simple Crochet Slippers

Crochet slippers are quick and easy to make - and are lovely to wear! This is a simple pattern which can be adapted as you like to make them a little different and customized to you!


These are very simple crochet slippers to make - they are crocheted in Single Crochet (US) - which is known as Double Crochet in the UK. The slippers are worked in the round. When crocheting in the round you get a slight uneven join at the last row - this is hidden at the top of the slipper behind the ribbon.

The slipper is 'Ballet' Style - however it can easily be adapted by working more rows to make it fit higher over the foot. The ribbon helps to give a firm fit - however elastic would work equally well.

The slipper is worked around a central chain and therefore is built up from the underside center of the foot.

A note about sizing

The slipper shown is for a foot measuring 23 cms / 9 inches long. If you are crocheting to the correct tension (ie 1 stitch per cm) then it is easy to adjust the size - simply add or detract the necessary number of stitches. For instance to make a slipper for a 25 cm / 10 inch foot simply add two stitches to the foundation chain.

Remember to crochet the slippers with a tight fit as the slipper is likely to stretch.


Make 18 chain, make 2 turning chain.

Row 1: Work 1 Single Crochet=US (Double Crochet=UK) down the length of the chain, work 4 stitches into the end chain stitch and work down the other side of the chain until the end. Work an additional 2 stitches into the end stitch (giving 3 stitches worked into this stitch).

Rows 2 - 4: Work around these stitches increasing 2 stitches at either end each time until you have worked 4 rounds in total.

Rows 5 onwards: Mark one end of the work to indicate the toe and continue working in rounds decreasing 2 stitches at the toe and 1 stitch at the heel of every round. Continue working in this manner until your slipper has 12 rounds - or until you have the fit you require.

We've got some knitted slippers here.

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