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'No Sew' Slippers Knitting Pattern

These cute slippers are made in one piece without the need for any sewing. They use Double Pointed Needles - but being a small project are a great way to practice working with DPN's if this is a technique new to you.

These cute knitted slippers are quick and easy to make. The knitting pattern is straightforward to adapt to any foot size and can be worked in a wide variety of yarns. Knitted slippers - particular ones like this which are worked with a large section of garter stitch, are inclined to stretch and are best made smaller than the actual foot size. Make a slipper of approximately 18/20 cms to fit a foot length of 22/24 cms.

These knitted slippers are made from garter stitch and instructions for making the garter stitch can be found here.

These �no sew� knitted slippers are simple to make, but do entail knitting with double pointed needles. However as they are a small project and the double pointed needle work is only over a few rows and on a small number of stitches, then this presents an ideal way to learn or practice this technique. For those knitters who don�t mind a bit of sewing � or who don�t fancy juggling double pointed needles then it is easy to make these slippers in pieces and sew them together at the end.

The slippers start from the back with a triangle which forms the back of the slipper (point at the top, the wide part at the base), stitches are picked up around the triangle and the slipper is worked in garter stitch using double pointed needles until it is comfortable to work with two needles, back and forth until you get to the toes, and then the slippers are finished by working rib in the round to form the toes.

Double Knitting Yarn
4mm needles
4 x 4mm double pointed needles

Tension over garter stitch
16 stitches x 32 rows = 10 cms

To form back - heel piece

Cast on 11

Every row knit to form Garter Stitch

Rows 4, 8, 12 and 16 decrease 1 stitch at EACH END of row, giving 3 remaining stitches, cast off at Row 21.

To form foot
Don�t break yarn and using double pointed needles, pick up 32 stitches equally around the three sides of the triangle shape, do not pick up from the cast off stitches.

Work in garter stitch for 36 rows OR until the slipper reaches desired length. Work with double pointed needles until work is long enough to move the work to normal needles if required.

To form toe:
Divide stitches equally over 3 double pointed needles, and work in the round in two by two ribbing (two knit, two purl). You may wish to work these so that two knit stitches are formed in the centre at the front of the slippers for a neat finish.

Work 14 rounds ending at one edge of the slipper, and then split the stitches over two needles. Knit two stitches together - one off of each needle. Then cast these stitches off as normal.

The slippers will benefit from a light blocking.

To finish: You may like to finish your slippers with a crochet cord or perhaps a ribbon which can be gathered for a tighter fit, add some beads for decoration!

There is a great idea for a variation of this pattern which can be found here.

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